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From a Solitary point of view


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Self Dedication

The following ritual has been taken directly from The Tree: The Complete book of Saxon Witchcraft.


When most people start out on the path of the craft they are working alone. Not by choice. It is rather easier to find books and publications on the topic then finding an established and credible coven/group who are open to new members AND who offer teachings as well.


I started out via  family member however the hard work is put in by myself. It has to be. I had to walk my own path. While assisted at times it still needed to be me taking the steps.  As such the solitary path is neccessary for one to udnerstand their own inner workings and also to recognise the times when deity shows themself.


For Seax Wiccans their is a Self Dedication Ritual designed for people who wish to be initiated into the Seax Tradition but who are unable to find an existing group/coven.  It is no less empowering and valid as an initiation by a group or coven.  The only difference you'll find is that the only people involved in the ritual is YOU and DEITY. So on many levels this can be more intimate and personal.


The Self Dedication ritual is recognised as valid by all Seax Covens and Solitaires.  It is however custom of covens in general that if you find a coven/group that you wish to join you would already be considered a Gesith of Seax but you are being initiated into the coven so the initiation is merely formality - a very important one and just as important as your transition from Coerl to Gesith but none the less a formality.


Seax wicca is not a beginer tradition. Although its simplicity enables anyone to grasp its context and concept it really is beneficial for people with at least some knowlege of the craft. I say this because the book The Tree does not go into any history of witchcraft or anything like that. It assumes the seeker has already done their homework.


Due to copyright laws I am unable to load the full ritual on this site however the format is the following:


1. The Coerl (seeker) naked and unadorned by any jewelry performs the Erecting of the Temple


2. It is then time to meditate on what they are about to undertake. It is at this time that the Coerl meditates on the meaning of the craft to them and deity.


3. The Self Dedication ritual is then performed. This marks the transition from Coerl (seeker) to Gesith (seax pagan).


4. The Ceremony of Cakes and Ale is then performed.


5. Finally the Clearing of the Temple is performed.


It is important to note that no other rites or rituals are to be performed on this day.

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