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From a Solitary point of view


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God & Goddess

The God & Goddess in Seax Wicca has a distinct Norse influence.




Also known as Wodenaz, Wodan, Wuotan - Woden is the Seax God.  It is generally believed that he was thought of as a sky deity - perhaps a wind or storm god with great wisdom and powers over life and death.  He had great skill as magician or sorcerer (Galdorcraeftig) and also a shape shifter.  He is also seen in Norse mythology as Odin, the Supreme Deity, son of Bor and Bestla.


Woden was bearded, wore a long cloak and either a hood or a floppy-brimmed hat. He leaned upon a huge spear as he walked. He it was who introduced the runic form of writing. While personified as Odin in Norse mythology he was in fact very different from Odin. Woden wasn't concerned with organising battalions of slain warriors, but more with walking the rolling downs and watching over his (living) people.




Freya was born of Nerthus (Mother Earth), but later took on herself many of the attributes of her mother.  The name Freya means 'Lady'. Freya was originally a fertility goddess but then later through anglo-saxon geonology became the patron goddess.  She wears a sacred necklace called the "Brisingamen". it was stolen by Loki the mischeif maker. Thus it's disappearance sparks the turning of the wheel and the winter months. Its recovery marks the warmer months etc.  The myth of the Brisingamen is also associated by other myths usually of Norse influence.  It must be clearly understood though that Woden and Freya are Saxon in origin and their roots can be link only through similarity with the Norse Gods.

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