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From a Solitary point of view


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Seax Wicca

The What, Where, How and Why of Seax Wicca.

Seax Wicca is a rather modern invention. Created by a man named Raymond Buckland. Fed up with the egotistic and dogmatic nature of many of the covens at the time Raymond decided to go within himself and write from start to finish a tradition of his own.


In 1973 Raymond Buckland produced this such tradition entitled Seax Wicca.  He wrote it's beliefs and rituals in one book called 'The Tree: Complete book of Saxon Witchcraft'.  This book until just recently was out of print.  Only a few copies were ever produced. However after much anticipation Raymond has agreed to re-release this epic with more pictures and references.


Seax Wicca differs greatly from most traditions on a number of levels. First of all Seax wicca does not have the traditional three degree system of initiation. Instead there is just one initiation (two if you count the seld-dedication ritual).  Everyone in the coven is called a Gesith.  There is one or two leaders of each coven. These leaders are elected democratically and may serve for one year and one day or as the coven see's fit.


Before initiation into a coven (or prior to the self dedication ritual) a person is referred to as a ceorl (prnouncede Cawl).  This is similar to the seeker stage in other traditions.  Once initated into the coven the ceorl is then referred to as a Gesith and is entitled to all rights and equalities as everyone else.


Seax Wicca sabbats and esbats honour both the God and Goddess in ALL rituals. They are seen as equal to each other. One non more important than the other but just as important. The God and Goddess are Woden and Freya respectfully.


The beleifs and teachings are very much based on the Anglo-Saxon pilgramage during the time the British Isle were being formed. Thus there is influence from the Germanic, Angelis, and Norse tribes.


One other major attraction to this tradition is the beleif that you do not have to be initiated into a Seax coven to be considered a Seax Wiccan.  Seax believes strongly in the practicality of wicca and so solitary work is accepted and endorsed.  It is neither better or worse to be a solitary or coven member of the tradition.

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