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From a Solitary point of view


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Below are some common questions that over the years I have been asked and with the answers that I have for them based on my own experience.

Do you worship the Devil/Satan?

NO.  The Devil/Satan is a Christian invention. It has never been and never will be a part of Wicca or paganism.  Pagans do not believe in such an entity. Because our God in many cultures is personified as a Horned God (much like a dear) it was easy to give this a negative connotation by making him diabolical hence the Devil.


Do witches engage in sexual orgies by the light of the full moon?

NO.  Again this is a good example of hysteria that caused a lot of people to misinterpret our beliefs and practices.  Like all things in life people have tried to force themselves onto people in sexual ways and this doesnt just apply to religion.  Having said that Sex Magick is real but does not encompass the mass sexual appetite one would give to an orgie.


There is one ritual that can be related here and that is the Great Rite. This is a ritual that signifies the union of the male and female energy of life the union of the God and Goddess.  In many covens sexual intercourse is symbolized however rarely it involves the actual ACT of SEX.  Other covens use the Athame dipped into the Cup instead (I prefer this one).


Do you have Bishops, Cardinals and a Pope?

No. and Yes. We do not have an international body dedicated to the doctrine of our teachings who watch over each and every one of us and who pass on the rites and rituals in succession of hierarchy.  Paganism is so diverse that many bodies are no more similar then that of the Christian groups (Catholics, Mormans, and Baptist etc).


Pagans are very independent people and as such would shy away from leadership control. Much like the concept of a Pope as supreme.  Rather each and every tradition of paganism and Wicca has their own structure (if any) and as such run autonomously in unison.  On the whole pagans and wiccans up hold and promote a live and let live approach to other beliefs.  Further to this is the concept of clergy. Many traditions of paganism and Wicca have a clergy structure for teaching and their own ritualistic contexts.


I thought that people can only be born a witch?

Yes and No.  I personally believe that we are all born equal. While we all have our own traits and abilities and may be good at some things and not so good at others; we are in effect each born with a clean slate.  I personally believe that we all end up at the same place when our time is up. The difference is the journey so we take our own paths.  So there is really no difference between being born into a family of hereditary witches and those who find the craft later on in life. Much like there are people born into very Christian families or who find their God later in life.


How long does it take to become a witch?

There are no hard and fast rules. Some people are naturally attune with the universe so they learn things quickly and thus experience a lot of things before others. While others take their time to learn as they go.  But no one on this planet can seriously say they no all that there is to know about the craft. The craft is a living religion. This means you must experience things to learn from them.  But having said that not all pagans are wiccans, not all wiccans are witches and vice-versa. That is an entirely different concept.


How often do you curse and hex people?

This is a very dangerous practice and subject.  It is my personal experience that all other ways to diffuse a negative situation should be exhausted before this action is taken.


The law of return (karma) is very much alive and let me tell you when you do things out of spite or hate the repercussions are far and beyond anything that is worth it. The only way one can be sure they wont be bitten by the Karma Bug is if they are doing things in perfect love and perfect trust with the highest of all pre intentions. How often can you do that?

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