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From a Solitary point of view


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Recommended Reading

Like many other pagans I spend a lot of my spare time in book shops looking for that great book.  There are thousand upon thousands of books to choose from so how do you know what you are buying is worth it? Well it can be difficult. So to make it easier I have listed a few books that I have that I recommend. they range from basic to advanced information on the craft.

The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch: Llewellyn Publications St Paul Minnesota USA 2003.


The Real Witches Coven: Kate West, Harper Collins Publishers, London United Kingdom, 2003.


Natural Magic: Pamela J. Ball, Arcturus Publishing Limited, London United Kingdom, 2002.


Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft (revised and expanded): Raymond Buckland, Llewellyn Publications, Minnesota USA, 2002.


Witchcraft and Paganism in Australia: Lynne Hume, Melbourne University Press Australia, 1997.


The Tree - The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft: Raymon Buckland, Samuel Weiser Inc, York Beach USA, 1987.


The Coven - Making Magick Together: Fiona Horne, Random House Australia Ltd, Milsons Point Australia, 2003.


Witch - A Personal Journey: Fiona Horne, Random House Australia Ltd, Milsons Point Australia, 1998.


Gay Witchcraft - Empowering the Tribe:Christopher Penczak, Weiser Books, Boston USA, 2003.

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